enter into

enter into
1. : to inquire into (a subject) : examine, consider

regrettable that the book does not enter into the moral aspect of the issue

2. : to make oneself a party to or in

entered into a solemn treaty and covenant

3. : to form a constituent part or element of : become a part of

tin enters into the composition of pewter

forbidden … to make use of words … which enter into the names of dead kings — J.G.Frazer

a combination of brightness, stupidity, and mediocrity probably enters into the mental pattern of most children — R.J.Williams

regarded her with an admiration into which awe entered — Donn Byrne

a. : to participate or share in

didn't enter into the conversation, but lounged … haughtily in his chair — Scott Fitzgerald

cheerfully entered into the tasks of the household

b. : to be in tune or sympathy with : identify oneself with : understand

entered into the festive spirit of the occasion

to enter into the mood of this subtle poem requires both sensitivity and study

no one can enter into an alien culture short of many years' experience — Stuart Chase

we need to enter into the scene imaginatively and sympathetically — J.D.Peter

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become involved in (an activity, situation, or matter)

they have entered into a relationship

undertake to bind oneself by (an agreement or other commitment)

the council entered into an agreement with a private firm

form part of or be a factor in

medical ethics also enter into the question

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enter into [phrasal verb]
enter into (something)
1 : to begin to be in or to take part in (something)

enter into a discussion

enter into an agreement

The two companies finally entered into a partnership.

2 : to be a part of or to influence (something, such as a choice or decision)

You shouldn't allow your prejudices to enter into your decision.

3 : to share or become involved in (something)

You need to enter into the spirit of the occasion.

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